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Поступление в Европейские Художественные Университеты.

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Preparation y analisis of the portfolio

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Learning the basics of academic
painting and drawing

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Why should you choose me?

My name is Galia Cáren

Why should you choose me?

My name is Galia Cáren

A professional artist by education and vocation. I have been drawing since early childhood.

Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design.

Worked as a designer and art director in leading advertising agencies and publishing houses.

I paint, actively exhibit, and have been doing exhibitions in France, Italy, Spain, USA, England, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

I started to teach according to the many years of accumulated experience and knowledge.

To become a professional artist, you need the academic foundation. That's why my students and I study classical drawing, painting, composition and art history.

But the world is developing so rapidly that everything is changing and new directions in art are emerging. Therefore, we also study the basics of illustration and sketching: fashion trends, the city sketching and anime.

I created my own universal learning system having experience as a teacher. And now I have many different programs in my arsenal aimed at helping students prepare for admission to Art Universities in Europe.

The programs differ in content, time and level of complexity. Quality education is my top priority.

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